Litigation Consulting Services

Today, complex litigation might involve dozens of depositions, a mountain of research, and the exchange of tens of millions of electronic documents. None of it is new to our team, which has provided litigation support services in some of the largest court cases in recent history. We are selective in the projects we take on and hold a personal and professional investment in the outcome of each case.

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  • Litigation Research

    Quick, reliable access to hidden information is a lawyer’s most important weapon. Our range of research experience makes us unique among national litigation support firms. We have hard-earned expertise in projects that involve corporate intelligence, personal background research, venue and jury demographics, daily media monitoring, and more. Our research is trusted by a client list that includes legal and corporate clients, trade associations, and high-profile political campaigns.

  • Live Deposition Support

    Your firm’s performance during a single deposition can tilt a legal action in your client’s favor, and it might even win the case for you. Our team maximizes your chances for success, leveraging multiple technologies in a system that goes into high gear before the deposition is even scheduled. Services include document review, deponent identification, personal background research, live deposition support, detailed deposition analysis, and short lead-time availability.