Strategic Communications

Whether you're trying to make news or get your client's name out of it, Shipley & Associates can help. Led by former journalists with experience in high-stakes litigation and crisis management, our communications team has spent decades designing delicate campaigns and managing complex problems for a prominent clientele. We routinely employ media relations, social networking campaigns, and a wide array of advertising techniques to achieve our clients' objectives.

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  • Issue Advocacy
    Our experience working with national and regional grassroots campaigns includes the repeal of state laws, the passage of several state constitutional amendments, and the creation of an underground aquifer district. We have worked with victims' rights groups related to environmental contaminations, clergy abuse, and other issues. We are able to operate discreetly, with an international reach, and in conjunction with preexisting political organizations or other agencies.
  • Litigation Communications
    High-profile litigation is not fought in the courtroom alone, and many disputes are decided in the court of public opinion before a single document is filed. There is little room for error when your case is being heard by a group of opinionated bloggers, thousands of anxious shareholders, or a national television audience.

    Our litigation communications unit works with outside agencies or directly with litigators to examine evidence, develop press materials, and communicate with the media and other constituencies.
  • Corporate Communications
    Our communications team is adept at blending traditional and emerging media, and frequently makes use of third-party advocacy strategies to drive a message. While many public relations firms avoid crisis and adversity, we specialize in it. Our spokespeople and strategists maintain relationships with national journalists, prominent bloggers, and other opinion leaders, and can often defuse a problem before a formal communications plan is put in place.