Business Intelligence

Whether you are weighing marketing options or eyeing one of your chief competitors, good information is your most important ally. We gather, analyze, and arrange data to help our clients make sound business and legal judgments. Our researchers and information designers are able to find what you need and bring it to life.

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  • Research and Data Gathering
    Our researchers honed their skills in national political campaigns, multibillion-dollar legal actions, and other high-stakes environments. We provide primary and secondary research products, unparalleled opposition research, corporate and personal background reports, and an array of other deliverables suitable for C-level decisionmaking.
  • Information Design and Database Development
    Whether you need a piece of compelling demonstrative evidence, an interactive map, or a customized database for use by your enterprise, our information designers will work to devise the most practical and elegant solution.
  • Investigative Services
    We don’t employ any in-house private investigators, but we are affiliated with some of the world’s best. If your evidence seems just out of reach, we will work with you to find the perfect solution to your investigatory needs.